Saturday, February 27, 2016

Toothpick Architecture, Paper Cutting Art at Fuller Craft Museum.

Susan and I traveled to the Fuller Craft Museum to see the Stan Munro exhibition of toothpick-constructed buildings, and some contemporary paper-cutting artists.  It was, as usual, a fascinating and awe-inspiring display, and once again we really appreciate all that the Fuller does for some of the alternative artists.  Here are some photos.
Fenway Park, perhaps his masterpiece(reflecting a certain prejudice).
Empire State Building in the background.

It is hard to imagine the time involved, and the patience.

Copley Square Church

The White House

Taj Mahal

Susan, Eifel Tower

The "Titanic"

Caption: "A 63' yacht"

The "Spruce Goose" and a comparable fighter jet.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC

And now, some of the works in the Paper-cutting exhibit

Randal Thurston
"The Counting House"  2016
Hand cut paper

Charles Clary
"Flan-a-Pleural EffusionMovement #3" 2015
Hand cut paper, acrylic on panel 

Michael Velliquette
"Oneness"  2009
Hand cut card stock

Mayuko Fujino
"Birthday Party"  2012
Hand-cut paper, magazine pages

Elizabeth Alexander
"Gunpowder Stage"  2006
Hand-cut vintage wallpaper

Bovey Lee
"Rake" 2014
Chinese rice paper

Katherine Glover
"Fire in the Lake"  2011
Homemade Khadi paper, acrylic, birch plywood panel

Munro exhibition: top of Eifel Tower

And some of the permanent collection

SunKoo Yuh
"False Start"  2006
Glazed porcelain, metal

Eddie Dominquez
"New Mexico Sunset" 2014
Earthenware, low fire glaze, oil paint, resin

The architecture of the Fuller Craft Museum

And one final look at Fenway Park

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